The tour around the estate, one of a number arranged by CARP, starting from Stratford Station, was led by Tawanda Nyabango who lived for many years in one of the tower blocks, with contributions by a number of other residents, prticularly CARP vice-chairman Joe Alexander. After a long tour of the estate and a brief detour to see the Waterworks River along the west of the estate it tried to enter Lund Point, one of the three tour blocks on the estate to visit two of the flats there. BBC security (they are using some of the top five floors for Olympic coverage) and then police stopped us from entering for around an hour and a half, but finally had to admit us since we had an invitation from the residents of the two flats. (source: Shame on Newham Council at Carpenters Estate in London)

This is what happened when Colin Green, who owns a flat in the tower block overlooking the Olympic site, tried to show journalists around his home. … (source: Video Report: Olympic Residents barred from entering home by BBC Security and Report