Dear Mr Mayor,

Residents of CARPenters Estate are extremely disappointed that you have broken your promise (thrice) to come and see us
on the Carpenters Estate. What was even more frustrating, was queuing for hours outside Stratford Old Town Hall on the 12th December.

In the freezing cold, and not being allowed to ask you important questions about saving our homes. We were only allowed to ask one
question, which was to ask what you intended to do about helping us to save our homes? You said that this was something that we would have to take up with Robin Wales (Newham Mayor).

Why are you trying to do a Pontius Pilot on us, it’s Christmas not Easter. From October, your LLDC/MDC had
taken over responsibility for Planning and regenerating the Carpenters Estate.

As you have said in the past that you are opposed to the type of ‘Kosovo style’
social cleansing happening in London. Here is a golden
opportunity for you to prove that you’re not just full of hot air, and actually use your influence on your
MDC to save us from losing our
homes. We have attached with this email several questions we’d like you to answer, please don’t wash your hands
of us, like Robin Wales, UCL and the IOC.

We are the forgotten people of the Olympic Legacy.

On behalf of CARPenters residents