Carpenters Against Regeneration Plans (CARP!) is a group of residents who live on the Carpenters Estate in Stratford East London. We are campaigning for a fair deal from Newham Council, who are planning to remove the residents and demolish the estate.
Carpenters Estate is directly adjacent to the olympic development site, Stratford International Rail Station, and Stratford City Westfield Shopping District. It is a community built in what has become a prime and sought after location, of which Newham council have began a process of regeneration, and have revealed plans to demolish most of the estate.
The process of decanting residents (tenants, leaseholders and freeholders) has already begun and we feel it is being done unfairly without thorough consultation and proper advise being offered, and with a lack of transparent information regarding the plans for the estate and the processes involved.
CARP! has set up this blog as a tool to help raise awareness of the situation and to keep everybody informed on current developments regarding the regeneration of the estate.
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